Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Art Walk

Picture by Richard Lieberman 

Well, it was Art Walk (again?) last weekend here in Ventura and, like many artists around town i opened my studio to the comings and goings of throngs of people. I donned my beloved Dr. Strange T shirt and opened my doors to the churning, throbbing masses. I met a lot of interesting people, their names flickering in and immediately out of my head like so many firefly's. A woman brought me a wine and iced tea mixture that I've never tried before (a little fruity, but not bad), Notably, an incredibly cute and well mannered little boy, Shea, drew me a picture of the batman and two of his greatest foes.  
Evidently, Shea has a website set up by his mom (for the life of me i cant remember her name, i apologize.) where he sells t-shirts with his superhero art on it. I, like a fool, didn't get the address so, Shea or Shea's mom, if you're reading this, comment! e-mail! stop by! do whatever you can! I would not only be happy to plug your site here, but i would absolutely love to buy a shirt or two! Anyway, all and all it was a good couple days, the first day better than the second, as the very old, the majority of the Sunday crowd, tend not to like my work. I mean we're talking very, very old, 75+, fresh from some fire and brimstone Sunday service, i'm sure, with no interest in what they referred to with a scoff as 'comic art'. No matter, they'll be dead very soon and even now their tastes are ancient and meaningless. But, i'm not bitter! In the end, though i didn't sell much, I gave away over a hundred fold-up comics (Now posted here) many, many business cards and met a ton of interesting people. I even ended up seeing a transvestite Moulin Rouge dance revue at a local gay bar for the after party. All and all, i had a lot of fun and spread the tendrils of my empire further and further. Truly, the age of Mattpocalypse will soon be upon us. 

Oh! also, i was mentioned in an article in the Ventura star, here!

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